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Woman giving Thumbs UpIt can be very hard for a sober individual to understand the full power of drug addiction and just how much it can take over and dictate someone’s life.  Sober individuals may watch a drug addict throw everything away for drugs – including their career, relationships, family, possessions, health and more – and wonder why they don’t just stop using drugs.  The sad truth is that the addict may be wondering the same thing – why don’t they just stop?  Or more correctly, why can’t they just stop?  Many addicts will try rehabilitation treatment and other things to stop their substance abuse problems, but as time moves on and addiction retains its death hold they can begin to feel that there is no way out, except through prison or death. 

Finding a Way Out of Heroin Use

A decade and a half of heroin abuse had left Danielle’s life in complete chaos.  Her every thought and action revolved around getting and using more heroin or cocaine.  She was so desperately addicted that she was willing to do anything to get more drugs.  Facing reality without the numbing effects of drugs was absolutely inconceivable to Danielle, and even jail or prison couldn’t scare her away from their use.  She had attended six different twelve-step rehabilitation programs without lasting result, and still struggled with daily substance abuse. She had convinced herself that she had nothing more to live for and prayed for death or some other way out of the nightmare she was stuck in.

After fifteen years of heroin addiction, Danielle reached out for help.  She called her aunt and begged for a bus ticket to her aunt’s home.  Danielle had the desperate idea that perhaps if she left the state, she’d be able to change and fight her addiction.  Her aunt knew better, and began searching for the rehabilitation center that could actually help Danielle conquer her addiction and be restored to a healthy, happy life.

Danielle’s aunt found out about Narconon Arrowhead, a unique, residential rehabilitation treatment center in Oklahoma.  To Danielle it sounded perfect – exactly what she needed to fully confront and resolve her problems with heroin addiction.  A Narconon Arrowhead driver traveled to Dallas to pick Danielle up and found her nearly overdosed in a hotel room.  Danielle was carried to the car and driven to the facility.

While she vaguely remembers arriving at the Narconon Arrowhead facility, it took several days for Danielle to gather herself together.  As the toxic effects of heroin slowly wore off, Danielle became aware of her surroundings and drank them in eagerly.  She began the journey to sobriety, following the instructions of the Narconon staff closely.  Danielle knew that her life depended on this program working, because if she returned to her heroin addiction she would surely die.

After completing a drug-free withdrawal, Danielle participated in the sauna detoxification portion of the program.  Danielle rid herself of years of residual drug toxins and suddenly felt energized and ready to move on into the life skills courses.  In the life skills courses she learned patience and how to make responsible choices instead of impulsive ones.  She was able to confront and take responsibility for the underlying causes of her drug use, and for all of the damages her drug use caused herself and others.  No longer haunted by the past, Danielle realized that the actions she undertook while on drugs were not who she truly is.  She forgave herself and drove herself forward to program completion.

Danielle describes her life today as amazing, and getting better every day.  She now helps others who are struggling with addiction and is attending college with the hopes of soon becoming a Drug and Alcohol Counselor.  Empowered by her own success, Danielle is dedicating her life to helping others. In her own words, “Life couldn’t be better.”

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