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Program Reviews

Narconon program reviews from those who graduated the Narconon treatment program or who have undergone rehab at the facility.

Asian LunchThe following are more reviews on the Narconon Personal Values & Integrity Course from former clients of the program. This part of the Narconon curriculum is one of the most effective and important parts of treatment. It allows former drug users to come to terms and take responsibility for some of the decisions they made because of drugs that harmed them or those connected to them. A new sense of responsibility is borne out of this part of Narconon. Continue reading

Girl StandingWhen dealing with addiction one can often commit transgressions against him or herself or others. These can lead a person to feeling depressed, angry and make it more impossible to quit using drugs. The Narconon Personal Values & Integrity Course helps a person to be able to unburden themselves from these transgressions and go on to live a happy and free life. For definition purposes an overt is a transgression against a moral code and a withhold is something a person does that he does not want known. Continue reading