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familyWhen an individual begins their drug use, it is often because they feel that drugs can help them in some way.  It is usually a fairly innocent action for most individuals – they really don’t understand what drugs are and how they can adversely affect their life, their relationships and their health.  When they fall into addiction, they may struggle with their own denial about what is actually happening.  It can be hard to admit that something they initially chose to do is now in control of their life and has damaged it extensively.  It can also be very hard to admit that one cannot do anything on their own to handle their drug addiction problems. Continue reading

happy manThe goal of rehabilitation treatment is to help an individual disconnect from drug use and restore their ability to live a healthy, happy and productive future.  Unfortunately, this is far more easily said than done, and simply enrolling in any rehabilitation treatment for any length of time will not automatically guarantee an individual’s successful and lasting recovery.  In order to be effective, rehabilitation treatment must help the individual address and resolve each and every physical, mental and emotional cause and effect of their drug use.  This takes time, patience and courage, as many individuals turn to drug use in an effort to escape from things they feel unwilling or unable to face and handle in their life.  However, refusing to thoroughly look through all the difficult emotions or situations that led to or resulted from drug use is tantamount to inviting future relapses into drug use to occur. Continue reading

womanAccording to the National Institute on Drug Abuse’s 2013 Monitoring the Future Study, approximately eighty-one and a half percent of surveyed individuals aged twelve and older admitted they had consumed alcohol at least once in their life.  In many cases, individuals may indicate that they feel alcohol use is safe, socially acceptable and even normal.  Few individuals actually consider alcohol as a drug substance, and while they may know about some of the dangerous effects of alcohol use, they tend to disassociate those problems as unique and unlikely to happen to them.  This may explain why alcohol is the most widely used and abused drug substance in our nation. Continue reading

girlSome individuals may wonder why anyone would apparently deliberately throw their life away for drug substances.  Unfortunately, many individuals who suffer from drug abuse and addiction problems themselves wonder why they can’t seem to stop throwing their lives away for drugs.  After all, initial drug use began innocently enough – they were looking for a solution to some problem they didn’t know how else to handle. Continue reading

womanOne common misconception regarding drug addiction and rehabilitation treatment is that an individual must hit rock bottom and lose everything before they are able to reach out for help and turn their life around.  Actually this isn’t true – an individual who is struggling with any degree of drug abuse and addiction problems can successfully and permanently resolve these problems at any time.  Waiting until they have lost everything is waiting until they have suffered the utmost damages possible and will have the longest, hardest road to recovery.  However, for some individuals, hitting rock bottom is exactly what it takes to shake them up and decide to change their life. Continue reading

womanOne of the most common signs of drug abuse and addiction problems is denial.  This can take many forms, from denying that one has a problem with drugs to denying that one needs help with their drug problem to denying that anything can be done about their drug problems and much more.  When confronted by a drug abuser or addict who is in denial, it may seem easy to pass judgement on them and decide that they must want to be stuck in their drug problems, but the truth is often far more complicated. Continue reading

familyNot all drug rehab centers are the same. Many of them fall short of providing service and care on the level that is really needed and wanted by the client. This might show up as a lack of sincere interest and concern for the client’s well being on the part of the staff of a smaller facility, or it could be that the center is one of the Continue reading

girl“My life while I was using was absolutely ridiculous,” says a young woman who shares her story of addiction and recovery in a video posted online by Narconon. She now appears calm, relaxed and happy about her life, but to hear her story of how things were before Narconon, it is clear that this is not how she has been for most of her adult life. By her own account, the woman began using drugs when she was only 12 years old, and “from there, it just spiraled down, and I used for about 12 years.” Throughout her life as a teenager she was Continue reading

troubled womanAs much as addiction is a very personal problem that affects the life of the addict in deep and widespread ways, it is also a condition that has a severe impact on the family of the addict. While focusing on the effects that addiction has on the addict, it is easy to overlook the emotional pain and anguish that are suffered by the loved ones of that person. Fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, sons and daughter are all exposed to the consequences of their Continue reading

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