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studentsThe following are reviews from Narconon students about their different realizations while receiving treatment on the program.

I Am Free From The Pain & Guilt From Drugs

I can honestly say that I am finally freed from pain, guilt and drugs!  I have gained so much knowledge throughout this program and I look forward to applying it toward the rest of my life!  Thank you!!  SW

I Am Legitimately Happy

I completed the Narconon Program!  It’s been a very long time since I’ve been clean and actually legitimately happy!  I applied myself in this program to the best of my ability and in exchange, I feel that I obtained all of the tools necessary to lead a happy fulfilling life without drug addiction.  I am also taking away so much more than knowledge.  I am now a person of integrity.  I regained so much self-respect, dignity and self-confidence that I lost somewhere along the way.  I have also re-learned the value of forgiveness, as I allow others to forgive me for past actions, I know that I must forgive myself and now I can.  I love it, that life seems real to me again and I’m excited to live it!!!  KS

I Am a Brand New Person

After completing the Narconon program, I am a brand-new person.  I have a life that is drug-free, healthy and happy.  I have confidence in myself while talking to others.  Sauna made me feel 10 years younger and I am now completely drug free.  Thanks to all the staff here.  They are great!  CW

I Have Something I Didn’t Have Before

I have something I have never had before and I owe it myself, my parents, Narconon and all the staff.  Thank you all for saving my life!  SS

Narconon Has Given Me My Life Back

This program has given me my life back.  I came here in a condition of near death and had lost everything I had worked so hard to get.  I lost family and my life was empty.  Now, I am a new person with everything to look forward to in life.  I am once again alive and in charge of what is next, happiness.  DM

I’m Alive & Reborn

I feel alive and reborn.  For all of this to come together for me is a great feeling.  Now, I can go home and live a productive, happy and meaningful life with my family.  Thank you everyone at Narconon!  TT

I Finished Something

I have completed the Narconon program.  It is the first thing I have ever finished and I feel like a million bucks.  I have no worries about staying drug free.  Narconon gave me the tools to stay drug free and be happy for the rest of my life.  I am so happy to be drug free.  Thank you!  SS

I’m In Control of My Mind

After completing the Narconon program I feel like I’m in control of my mind again.  I know that I’m going to be okay for the first time in a while.  TG

I Have More Confidence In My Ability to Conquer Life

Now that I have completed the Narconon program I have more confidence in being able to conquer life.  I know if I follow the guidelines I’ve learned and use the tools I’ve acquired I will be able to live life happy and worry free.  I will be a successful, productive person, thanks to the Narconon program.  SM

I Feel Great About What I Accomplished

I feel great about what I have accomplished here at Narconon.  My self-esteem level is through the roof.  I never thought that I could feel this way again.  I have my self-respect back.  My responsibility level is higher than it has ever been.  Thank you, everyone for giving me my life back.  AL

I Can’t Explain How Great I Feel

I can’t explain how great I feel!  This has been the best thing I’ve done for myself ever!  I want to thank the whole staff at Narconon for helping to make me the awesome person I am today!  JB

I Owe My Life to Narconon

I owe my life to Narconon for helping me beat my addiction.  I have never felt so good in my life.  I know I can apply all that I have learned here to my life and be successful at anything I want to do.  Thank you all so much.  TM