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training routinesThe following are exerpts from former Narconon patients as they discusses the Narconon Training Routines [TR] Course; also called Book 1.

Training Routines Made Sense

When I started book 1, I didn’t understand why we were doing all of those “TR things.”  As the class went on, it all started to make sense.  I started being able to pay attention better and became more comfortable with myself.  Now I can see, after completing book 1 how this works in everyday life.  SS

I Didn’t Feel Sick After TR’s

I really felt sick in course today.  After working on my drills and getting a couple of passes, I realized I didn’t really feel sick anymore.  I put all my focus and energy into course and drills and my sickness just faded away and that made me feel great!  LM

I Can Communicate with Others

I feel very successful going through each every day without using drugs and being able to communicate with others and being able to hear what they are saying to me. I am still excited about completing book 1.  It has been a long time since I completed anything that was challenging.  RS

This Course Was Successful for Me

Book 1 was a success for me.  After completing it I feel more confident about communicating with myself, others and the world that I am in.  I also feel more comfortable in that world and in the presence of its occupants.  I hope that others can have similar success.  JP

I’m Using My New Skills

Having completed book 1, I can already notice the fact that I am using my new-found skills in my everyday life here at Narconon.  I can concentrate more.  I am much less reactive and have almost no anxiety.  I also feel great.  Already, I feel like I have made a great accomplishment.  RW

A Good Learning Experience

Book 1, well it was definitely a very good learning experience.  I am constantly trying to improve upon my communication skills and let me tell you this was a big help.  Bringing it back to the basics really helped.  In the beginning I couldn’t see the point, but as time went on, it made more and more sense.  So, overall it was a great learning experience.  BM

I Feel Comfortable with Myself and Those Around Me

Since beginning book 1, I have begun to feel comfortable with myself and those around me.  It has given me self-confidence and therefore I am more open and honest.  I have become acquainted with people that before were merely faces.  SM

I Had a Moment of Clarity

My success story for today is that I had another moment of clarity.  I came to the realization that I have never been able to look at myself as having a positive future.  For once I know this program everyday is helping me get better.  Everyday and for once I will stay clean because of this program and these people.  My life will be so much happier without drugs.  I may not have everything in the world, but at least I will have my sobriety and finally a peaceful and happy life!  MC

I Learned How to Communicate with People

I learned a lot from book 1, such as communicating better with people.  I feel also that book 1 helped me come out of my shell and just relax.  The drills have really helped me out a lot.  At first I didn’t understand why we did them, but going through book 1 I know why it helps.  BM

So Many Wins Doing Book 1

I have so many wins from doing book 1.  It has totally changed my way of doing things.  I do have control over myself and I really influence my environment.  RS