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personThe following are reviews from Narconon Patients on Objective Exercises. Objective processes are designed to help former drug users come into present time and helps to release their attention from past drug use. Here is what Narconon patients had to say about this part of the treatment program:

Full Control

I had a good time on Objective Exercise number 9 today. I got some funny realizations out of it. I now have full control of starting, changing and stopping my environment, which feels really nice. I feel better every day. Today I am also 115 days sober. J.B.

Seeing Things for What They Are

I am getting a lot out of objective exercises. I can see things for what they truly are and not get upset with what they are not. In Objective 5 I have learned that no matter where I am at, I am always in present time. I am me, only I can change me or allow others to. I realized that I cannot change things that cannot be changed, so there is no point in getting upset about things you cannot change. C.E.

I Can Have Sobriety

I felt great during objective exercises today and had a lot of great realizations. It included the realization that if I want to be sober I can have sobriety, if I want happiness I can have it. I can have things that I need. The fact that I am off drugs makes me more aware of my body and my senses and what I need to simply survive. E.F.

Myself & My Environment

Objective Exercise number 3 helped me realize a lot about my environment. Objective number 4 helped me realize a lot about myself and my environment – my importance in it and it’s importance to me. I realize that I need to have good communication with my body and my environment to equip myself to make good decisions. It is also good to be aware and in communication with my environment to know when I am in a potentially threatening environment. I feel that Objective exercises number 3 and 4 are going to be really useful in helping me stay sober and live a good life. C.E.

Greater Awareness

Objective Exercise number 3 made me more aware of my surroundings and the things in it. I became comfortable with the imperfections within myself and the things in life around me. It reminded me of when I was withdrawing off of meth and it was the little things in life that annoyed me the most. Now it is the little things in life that I cherish the most. I have become more comfortable with life in general. I also realized hat some things are harder to touch than others but as long as you want to, you can still reach anything you set your mind on. E.F.

Better Communication

I have actually gotten a lot out of Objective Exercise number 3. I am in much better communication with my environment. I have realized that everything has imperfections and flaws but it can still be beautiful and useful. Sometimes you have to look at things differently to understand how it is useful, but everything has a purpose.  The best thing I got out of Objective exercise number 3 is to look at the beauties in life and appreciate the imperfections. That is a major win. This Objective exercise has helped me a lot and I am excited to see what else I can get out of the other Objectives. C.E.

Ultimate Control Over Myself

Wow, Objective 10 really brought everything together for me. Everything basically boiled down to the realization that I have ultimate control over what I do. I got excited and felt amazing when it all came down to that. I feel a new level of confidence and control. I could not feel better about myself than I do now.


I Can Do Anything

I finished Objective Exercises! Wow, what an incredible experience! So many powerful realizations occurred and I feel really confident that I can do anything and have a happy, sober life. N.M.