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personBelow is a testimonial from Narconon patients on writing past transgressions on the Personal Values & Integrity Course offered through the program:

I Learned Why

While doing Book 6 I learned why I kept doing the same stupid things over and over again. I also learned why certain people behave the way they do. The most important thing that I gained from Book 6 was taking responsibility for the transgressions I have made. I now feel great relief. N.S.

I Came Back into Present Time

While writing and disclosing some of my transgressions, I felt I was grabbed and pulled out of present time. It sent me back to what happened. I got upset and felt lost, but I kept writing. I wrote down everything I could remember and literally felt the upset diminish.  I do not have any upset anymore and realize that I am responsible for those acts and I know that I am not going to do that anymore. I feel more responsible and feel better than I have in a long time. I am ready to make it up to people that I hurt, including myself.

I Can Face My Family

After writing up my transgression against my family, I realized that I can now look my family in the eyes and be around them comfortable without drugs and without shame. I have a fresh start with them now and am ready to let them be part of my life and to rebuild trust with them. M.S.

I Can Be Responsible

While writing up my transgressions against family and relationships I found myself taking responsibility for things I justified my whole life. After writing these transgressions and seeing them on paper I was able to see how dumb and selfish they were. I now feel great about myself and have zero reason to feel guilty about them. I realize that I am in present time and the person who did those things is not the person I am today. I have no more upset about family and relationships. I feel great about myself and am ready to make it up to my family and to have healthy relationships. N.S.

I Took Responsibility

Today I feel like I completed facing transgressions against family and relationships. I wrote down on paper all the messed up stuff I did. I knew in my head all the stuff I did but actually writing it down and facing it let me really take responsibility for it all. I now feel that I can try to have a clean slate with my family, and starting now never again put them through the bullshit I did in the past. I feel a big sense of relief in letting all this out. All of this was running through my mind but writing it all down and getting it all out gave me a sense of relief like I said before. I feel really good. Ready to start fresh. A.R.

I Remember What Happened Now

I finished writing my transgressions against myself. I was not sure how to start at first and after a day or so, I started putting together a timeline. This process was fascinating and incredibly helpful to the revelation of parts of my life and drug use which I had all but forgotten. I feel satisfied with what I have written and experienced both pain and relief through doing it. L.H.

Sense of Relief 

Writing all of the transgressions against myself gave me a sense of relief. It felt good to get everything that was running though my mind out and onto paper. Once you write it down, its like you can read it, look at it, absorb and soak it in, and then feel more able to move on with your life. When it comes to “self” I feel I can in some way have a clean slate and that feels great. I have been sober for 4 months and almost 3 weeks and I can honestly say that it feels damn good. I never thought that I would feel this way again, but I do. A.R.