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reaching outThe following are testimonials from Narconon patients on Reach & Withdrawal and Confront exercises. As part of the Narconon Program, addicts are able to complete some exercises that help them face places, people and things that can be triggers for relapse. These exercises are called “Confront” and “Reach and Withdraw”. 

I Choose Not to Drink

Reach and Withdraw from alcohol made me realize that I do not ever have to reach, but if I do it is just as important to withdraw. Doing something that ruined my life again would be very stupid of me. I am choosing not to drink alcohol anymore and it feels great. CS.

I Don’t Need Drugs & Alcohol

Confronting these places made me realize that I do not need to be under the influence to have a good time. These places are fun without drug and alcohol. I need to appreciate the places for what they are.  C.S.

Through Reach & Withdrawal I Realized I Despise Substance Abuse

Starting these confronts I did not think it would help. After a while I noticed how much I despised this substance (alcohol). All the time I wasted on this made me sick to my stomach. The legal issues that I have gone through have ruined parts of my life that I cannot get back. The money I spent is gone, the people I hurt may never forgive me. I never want to go down this path again and hope that nobody else does either. This will be part of my past, not my future!!! C.S.

These Tools Help with Confronting

Having the tools to stay clean and sober helps with confronting. Every day here is another day that I am successful in my recovery. Overall this was the most difficult book for me, but I pushed through and completed another step in the right direction. C.S.

Life Without Drugs is Happiness

These confronts are making me realize more and more what I need to do to be happy. Life without drugs and alcohol is my ticket to happiness. C.S.

Getting & Staying Sober is Number One Issue

I am not sure where my marriage is going. We are in the process of divorce right now, but it could be a while before anything happens. I still really care for the children but cannot let that be a deciding factor. I was messed up a lot of the time and I regret it. I hope that there were more good times than bad times during those years. I also hope that the kids weren’t affected by the use. They were not around for a good amount of it but even a little was bad enough. Where ever the marriage goes it really does not matter because to me my sobriety is the number one issue in my life right now. If I am not sober I am not good for any of those people or even myself. C.S.

No More Bad Decisions

These confronts are making me very much better. All the times that I was there were in one way or another connected with drugs and alcohol. The last three years have been me in and out of jail and it sickens me. I am going back to do my last bit of time when I return home. I will go back clean and sober knowing that this will be the last time that I am in that place. I will be in there a while and my new life will start when I get out. No more bad decisions. No more drugs or alcohol, no more bad decisions, no more jail time. I am moving forward with my life and never looking back. C.S.

I Don’t Want Pills in My Life Anymore

In the beginning I took pills to manage pain and anxiety. After some time I was taking them to get high. Taking these pills daily was affecting my life dramatically. It caused a lot of arguments with friends and family. Not to mention that I was so far gone, I do not remember what could have been great moments of my life. I cannot get these times of my life back but I will not chose to ruin my life anymore with pills. C.S.

I Learned from My Mistakes

Being that I was a lot younger when I used these drugs (pot and cocaine) I did not really think that they affected me.  Then I started to think that if I never had used them, maybe I would not have used any other drugs. Those are definitely gateway drugs. These drugs affected my grades in school and my choices all through high school. Without these drugs I may have made more out of my life in my earlier years. I will not make the same mistake again. I have learned from my mistakes. C.S.

I Want to Enjoy Life Without Drugs or Alcohol

A lot of the times I used were at parks and apartments. It was not always, but a good majority. These places are tainted for me now. Some of these parks are beautiful and I choose to get messed up in such a nice place. I missed out on a bunch of good times I could have had by drowning myself in drugs and alcohol. From now on I want to enjoy these places I have and go to the fullest without drugs or alcohol!!! C.S.

Life is Nicer Without Alcohol & Drugs

Confronting these places (bars and places I partied in) brought back a lot of memories. Some made me smile and feel good, but most of them brought up bad memories. The places were nice and probably would have been a lot nicer without drugs and alcohol. It makes me wish that I could go back and experience these places without being under the influence of some sort of stimulant. The thought of going to these places sober seems easier every day with the help of Narconon. I thought that it was strange to do these confronts, but they do help. C.S.

I Can Appreciate Beautiful Things

Confronting these places made me realize that I need to appreciate the beautiful things in life and that I should not take these places for granted. C.S.

Doing these exercises (Reach and Withdraw) is making me stronger and more confident every day. This program is helping me very much. Thanks to all the staff and students for helping. C.S.