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ladyAny person can observe for themselves that drug and alcohol change a person, often to the point of no recognition of who they once were.  Families and loved ones despair of ever again seeing the real person whom they love, freed from the false overlay of the drug personality. This is one young woman’s story of how the Narconon drug rehabilitation program changed her life, and helped her to once again be who she really is.

Nikki’s Narconon Experience

Nikki found her way to Narconon in England, and this is her personal story of successful recovery through the Narconon drug rehabilitation program.

She begins her story by saying when she first arrived at the rehab center, she wasn’t a shadow of the person “I have metamorphosed into now.”

Nikki says it was a difficult time for her beloved parents, desperately upset and unhappy to see her in such a state of physical disability due to her drug use.  She vows that she never wants or intends for them to see her in such a state ever again.

She began regaining strength while on a 10-day stint on the initial phase of the program, the Narconon Drug-Free Withdrawal.

Upon completing the withdrawal phase of the program, Nikki twinned-up with “a very happy and bouncy” individual named Aiden, and together they went through Narconon Book I, the initial course and set of exercises which teach the components of real communication.  She shares how they enjoyed much teasing and laughter together.

Next was the Narconon Sauna, and Nikki says she wanted to experience everything that she had read about in the books, and she was not disappointed.  She relates that she changed mentally and physically in the 26 days on the sauna program—and she loved it.

After completing the sauna program, she twinned-up with Peter and they helped each other get through Book 4 of the program, the Objectives.  It is the course wherein a person gains greater self-control, increased ability to perceive their environment, and improved skills in the identifying and solving of life’s problems.

Nikki shares that this was the start of an amazing friendship that saw she and Peter through thick and thin, and she hopes she will always have him for her friend.

Her Experience

Nikki found the entire Narconon program a “constant source of self-revelation”.  She understands herself a whole lot better now.  She also understands better, as well, why she behaved as she did when actively drinking.

She goes on to say that she had always enjoyed a drink socially, but then really began drinking heavily at home.  When she started to hide her drinking form others, she knew she had a problem.

Nikki admitted to herself she was an alcoholic long before it became apparent to others, but did not know what to do about it.  She was ashamed at how much she actually drank every day. Yet the problem was taken out of her hands when she fell ill and had to be hospitalized.

Thus began the rollercoastering life of visits to the hospital, stints in rehab, and counseling; followed by a few months of sobriety—followed by the inevitable relapse.

Through it all, Nikki shares that the worst part was loss of the respect of her family—and the respect of herself.  Although she “was a mess”, she says her family never stopped loving her; and never stopped picking-up the pieces.

She reflects that her only wish is that she had loved herself more.  She shares that she had a wonderful upbringing and “an enchanted life”, so there was nothing to prepare her parents or her sister for what she put them through during the past few years of her drinking.  For this, she says she is truly sorry, and will never stop making amends for the damage done.

Parting Words

Nikki wants the reader to know she is content and calm for the first time in years. Since being at Narconon, she has discovered she can laugh and be joyful naturally, not needing to have a drink first.  She is now strong and healthy and says she will never let anything or anyone take that away from her ever again.