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man and dogDo you really know who you are? It’s a question that drug addicts ask themselves sometimes. After all, you grow up thinking you know what kind of person you are. You have certain interests and goals for your life. You have anniversaries that you look forward to and people that you care about and never want to let down. You probably even have pride in your accomplishments and some certainty in what your plans are for the future.

When you start using drugs, this certainty will start to break down. You will find yourself acting like someone you don’t recognize. At first it might be the lying to the people you love, or the sneaking around in order to get high without being noticed. Before long you’re snapping at people with a hostility and anger that you didn’t realize you were capable of.

Eventually, it’s almost as if the person you were is gone and that someone else has taken your place. When you look in the mirror, you really have to ask yourself what kind of person you are and try to figure out where the old you went.

Drugs Will Change Your Life

Filipe was all too familiar with what drugs could do to a person’s life. His own priorities disappeared because of heroin and crack cocaine. His once productive life was reduced to sitting at home without a job and not caring about anything but getting his next fix.

Filipe’s life was changed when he found out that he was going to be a dad. Realizing that he was going to be responsible for a baby was the incident that made him look around and really ask himself what kind of a person he was and what was going to happen to the rest of his life. When he recognized that his future probably would lead to ending up in jail (or even dead), it was finally enough to make Filipe want to change.

After finding Narconon, Filipe was willing to give the program a try. He didn’t know what to make of the sauna program at first, but sweating out all of the drugs he had used over the course of his life was a liberating experience. At the end of the detoxification section of the program, he felt better than he had in a long time and was ready for more.

Getting the Tools He Needed to Start Living

Filipe’s next step at the center was going through the life skills curriculum. The Narconon center recognized that most addicts are missing the practical skills they need to actually operate without drugs in their systems. By learning the basics of how to actually function as an adult in control of his own life, Filipe would be able to go back out into the world and not immediately return to using drugs again.

Each book in the curriculum had Filipe immediately practice his new skills by putting them into use. Every day he felt more and more confident and better able to talk to others and take control of his actions.

When Filipe graduated from the program and went back home, he realized that he had started waking up every day looking forward to what would happen. He had rediscovered himself and who he truly was. That person was someone who loved life and never wanted to go back to being a junkie again. Filipe has fulfilled that promise to himself by staying sober ever since completing the program. He is now someone that can be a proud father, and he will stay that way forever.