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Girl Rock ClimbingThe following are more reviews published on the Narconon Personal Values and Integrity course. For more information on this course see our Narconon Forum.

Why I Benefitted From This Course

I have completed book 6 of my program here at Narconon.  I really benefited from the information contained in the book and will use it to continue bettering myself.  By writing my overts/withholds, I was able to see things I had done in the past for exactly what they were.  I have taken responsibility for my actions and can move forward in my life without guilt, shame or embarrassment.  I am proud of my progress here and feel blessed to have found Narconon and the technology used here.  TM

I Feel Relief after Personal Values Course

I feel relief and solace.  I do not feel as much guilt since I have come clean about stealing from my parents.  I am not the person I used to be when I was using drugs and alcohol.  I am ethical and honest now.  I help others and want others to succeed.  I love myself again and glad I finally wrote that.  I am a better person now and I am thankful.  DH

I’m Not Miserable Anymore

I almost can’t believe what I am feeling right now. I was so used to being miserable that I thought I just wasn’t meant to feel good about myself.  My first dynamic was tough, almost sickening, but by writing up my overts/withholds, I gained win after win.  I realized I can’t go out there and slip one time or else I am doomed to failure.  I know how to keep myself occupied with my seventh dynamic and also my second dynamic.  By the way, I’m doing very well on my second dynamic.  My daughter is due in February.  I also learned the importance of respecting my fourth dynamic and I really felt like a jerk for some of the things I have said about other people.  After writing my overts/withholds I feel much better about myself and my fourth dynamic.  I realize you should never judge a person and that everyone should have equal opportunity to prove themselves and well-being.  My sixth dynamic taught me to respect mother earth and be good, because the actions of a person are a reflection of how that person feels about himself.  I now make good actions because I feel good about myself.  JM

I Realize the Importance of Being Honest

I am in mid-overt right now and I am realizing the total importance of being honest to myself.  If I can be real with myself, I can create and reality free from confusion caused by the effects of my past.  I am regaining the clarity of thought that I need to become an asset to myself and society.  It’s hard work and I’m struggling, but I will overcome these effects that have pulled me away from who I am supposed to be.  GG

I Was Reckless & Ignorant

I’ve finished my fourth dynamic overts/withholds against mankind and species as a whole.  I’ve realized how insanely reckless and ignorant my actions from my past truly were, such as driving drunk or high, to being racist and all the way up to damaging public property.  I’m glad I can now see on how large a scale, not only my actions affected myself, but everything and everyone around me.  I’m glad I’ve been able to write these down and face the truth of my actions.  I have peace knowing I don’t have to behave this way anymore.  JC

I Took Responsibility

I’ve just completed book 6 and it’s an awesome feeling.  Learning about all my dynamics and taking responsibility for my overts/withholds, adhering to my code of honor, keeping my ethics and following my morals will help me keep my actions positive and my life heading in the right direction.  It feels great!

My Mind is Free

My win today is writing my overts/withholds.  I am on my first dynamic and it is doing me good to get those things out of my mind and putting it on paper.  It frees up my mind for more constructive things and makes me realize that I wasn’t as good of a person as I thought.  TB