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FamilyWorking to help addicts reclaim their lives from addiction is a challenging endeavor, rewarding beyond measure at its best, and heartbreaking at its worst.  For those who have chosen it as their life’s work, perhaps there is no greater reward than the words of appreciation for a life saved. 

The Story Begins

This is the story of a very devoted and religious man, one with a firm and unwavering belief in a higher power and the spiritual nature of man.  His son was saved by Narconon, and it was important to him in the writing of his letter of appreciation that those reading it understood his family’s background and heritage, the longstanding religious orientation and the strong beliefs of the Mormons as a whole.  Thus, he relayed his story.

As a devoted member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, J.B raised his family of six children to live the very straight and moral life which the followers of his religion adhere to.  Traditionally, there is no use of tobacco, alcohol or drugs of any kind whatsoever.

Five of J.B’s six children followed in their father’s path, marrying in the temple and three sons and one daughter going on full time mission to speak to others about their faith.  But his youngest son did not follow his father’s path, and began using nicotine, liquor and drugs early in junior high school.

For ten years, the family struggled with “the terrible experience”, believing that Satan was in control of their son.  They continually prayed for him.  By the time he was of college age, his parents asked him to leave their house.  Although J.B. wrote they would always love him, they at the same time refused to financially contribute to his downfall, nor could they allow him to destroy the spirit of their home.

When his son finally found he could not support his habits even by working 4 jobs, trying to get an education, and ending up in jail, his son asked for a blessing. He wanted to go on a mission for his church as all in his family had done for 5 generations. He finally asked for his parent’s help.

The Happy Outcome

A family friend who had studied drug addiction and rehabilitation over many years advised the family to send their son to Narconon.  After 3 months, J.B’s son was free from addiction.  Because of his experience there, he chose to work with Narconon.  After two years of hard work, he received his mission call, the one which was so important to him.  He finished his mission for his religion honorably.

J.B speaks very highly of the Narconon Sauna Program, convinced that “the Narconon experience” is the answer to eliminating substance abuse.  He expressed his reality that without this portion of the rehab progam, drug addicts never rid themselves of the drugs which are stored in the fatty tissues of the body.  He thinks this is vital to the person’s recovery.

J.B. relates that his son was returned to them, and is his old, loving self.  He believes that the Narconon program is “divinely inspired”, and strongly recommends it to anyone. He adds that they cannot say enough good about Narconon. “They saved our son’s life”.

Narconon Fresh Start

There are a number of important factors that make the non-traditional Narconon  program different from traditional, disease-based rehab programs.  It is a world-class program directed towards breaking the cycle of addiction and assisting individuals in creating long-term healthy and productive lives.  It is a holistic and drug-free approach to the full rehabilitation of those seeking to once again live their lives drug-free.