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Man StandingIt is an unfortunate fact that many individuals in current society believe that drug addiction is a disease for which there is no cure.  They believe that addiction is a mental condition the individual may only hope to cope and live with, but never fully recover from.  They believe that with the help of substitute medications and counseling, and individual can learn to live one sober day at a time but can never be entirely free from drugs.

Narconon Arrowhead disagrees with the idea that addiction is a disease or mental illness, or that individuals can never be fully rehabilitated from substance abuse.  Narconon believes that an individual can fully resolve the mental and physical effects of drug use, and with the right tools can repair their damaged life and create a strong, healthy, happy future.

Narconon Review Outlines Successful Recovery from Addiction

Joe’s life began with great promise.  He had a loving, supportive family, a successful contracting company and a beautiful girlfriend who loved him.  Despite the promising future he had laid out before him, Joe was willing to throw it all away and destroy his life, his health and his happiness for drugs.

For a long time, Joe lived within the dark cloud of substance abuse.  Any “success” he had in life during this period was hollow and fake, caused by underhanded dealings, scams and the lies and dishonesty of an individual who was willing to do anything in order to obtain and use more drugs.  These moments of temporary and false success were immediately followed by steep falls into even worse conditions.

Many family members do not understand the true power of drug addiction and are often confused and angry when confronted by a loved one’s substance abuse problems.  Some family members may try to help their loved one for some time before giving up, others may simply walk away at the onset of substance abuse, believing that the individual has to hit rock bottom before he can receive help.  Luckily for Joe, his parents refused to believe that there was no way to help their methamphetamine-addicted son immediately, and they refused to give up hope or walk away from him.  They researched rehabilitation treatment facilities and found out about Narconon Arrowhead, a residential rehabilitation facility in Oklahoma that focuses on addressing and resolving all of the mental and physical causes and effects of substance abuse.

At Narconon, Joe was able to withdraw from drugs without the use of substitute medications.  Well-trained, caring, supportive staff helped Joe make it through the difficult phases of withdrawal with physical assists and vitamins.  He then cleansed his body of residual drug toxins through a sauna detoxification program, eliminating cravings and helping prevent the possibility of a future relapse.  With his body finally free from the trap of addiction, Joe moved on into the Narconon life skills courses, where he learned how to confront and take responsibility for his life and the choices he had made.  Joe also learned how to handle future problems and difficulties without returning to drug use.

It has been over four years now since Joe graduated from the Narconon program with a newfound responsibility toward his life and his environment.  Joe says the key point is not that he has been able to stay clean for the last four years, but that his life has been an incredible rocket ride ever since he enrolled at Narconon Arrowhead.  Over four years ago, Joe would’ve told anyone that there is no possible way for an addict to ever stay clean.  Now he works every day to help other substance abusers overcome their problems with drugs as he was able to.

Today Joe is the Director of Interventions at Addiction Help Services in Clearwater, Florida.  He is married to his beautiful girlfriend and the love of his life, has strengthened his relationship with his family and has found purpose and fulfillment in his life.  Joe says that thanks to the Narconon program, he is finally happy.