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Two Boys SmilingThere is no arguing that some stepfathers can form deeper and more intimate bonds with their stepchildren than others.  In some cases, stepfathers may be the only father the child has known, in others they may be seen by children as an unwelcome intrusion into family life.  However, it is very rare that a stepfather would ever wish ill of their stepchild or vice versa.  While they may experience varying degrees of tolerance of each other, they nonetheless are human beings that can feel pain when witnessing the other’s suffering.

One of the greatest causes of human suffering is the addiction to drugs or alcohol.  An individual who once made a choice to use drugs in order to suppress a problem in their life soon finds that they cannot live without drugs, and every action and thought seems dictated by the desire to obtain and use more drugs.  Substance abuse not only affects the user’s general health, but it can affect their personality, their career, their interests, their relationships and much, much more.

Many family members go through their own cycle of suffering and emotional turmoil when watching a loved one walk the downward spiral of substance abuse.  They may feel confused, angry, guilty and even hopeless or helpless.  Some family members will hang on, desperate to find the help that will save their loved one from the death grip of addiction.  Other family members cannot confront the pain and anguish they feel when watching their loved one struggle with addiction, and so turn away or disconnect.  This disconnection should not be mistaken for a lack of love or care, but is usually due to a lack of the knowledge needed to help their loved one overcome their substance abuse problems. The plain truth is that there is rarely any individual that does not care about the effects that substance abuse can have on someone, regardless of their blood or family relationship.

The Rehabilitation of Two Sons

Mark is the stepfather of two brothers who were addicted to drugs.  One was in far more serious condition than the other, but both of his stepsons were in danger of losing their lives.  Luckily for Mark and his stepsons, they enrolled in the Narconon program.  At Narconon they were able to rid their bodies of the immediate physical effects of drugs, thereby reducing their cravings and the possibility of a future relapse into drug use.  The Narconon withdrawal and detoxification programs do not use substitute medications at any time, and Mark says he was very glad that drugs weren’t used to get his stepsons off drugs.  The completion of these withdrawal and detoxification programs are not only marked by a reduction or elimination of drug cravings, but also by increased physical health and usually an improved outlook on life and the future.

The Narconon life skills courses enabled Mark’s stepsons to discover the underlying reasons for their drug use so that they could confront and take responsibility for their decisions.  They also learned how to confront and resolve problems in their future so that they would never again choose to use drugs when faced with challenges or difficulties in life.

While Mark’s stepsons were dramatically improving their lives with help from Narconon, some of their friends and family members continued to use illegal drugs, and many suffered the consequences.  Some went to prison for their crimes, others lost their lives.  Mark is proud that his stepsons found the strength to fight their problems and repair their lives.

Mark attributes the success of his stepsons in rehabilitation to the Narconon program and the Narconon staff.  He is grateful that Narconon is willing to help individuals who have not been able to receive help or achieve success elsewhere.  The proof of Narconon’s success is self-evident as Mark watches his rehabilitated sons move forward into healthy, happy lives.