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mother sonWhether an individual who has fallen into drug use, abuse and addiction would openly admit it, the fact is that they once decided that they were either unwilling or unable to cope with some aspect of their life, and they needed drug substances to help them escape. Unfortunately, drug substances not only fail to help the individual solve the problems for which they are taken, but they can actually exacerbate these problems and create a host of new ones that further complicate the individual’s life. And yet even while they slowly steal away the individual’s power to control and direct his own life, they also make the individual depend upon them more and more.

Life is full of good times and bad, hardships and rewards. This is natural and normal, and most individuals learn how to work through the challenges of life while still setting and achieving their goals. Being responsible for their own life and the consequences of their decisions and actions is the mark of a mature adult, and it is something that can be entirely usurped by drugs. The drug-abusing or addicted individual can become very selfish in their actions, dropping all their responsibilities – even those concerning care for self – and focusing exclusively on the obtainment and use of more drug substances.

Effective rehabilitation treatment seeks not to simply pull an individual off drug use, but restore them to the ability to live a healthy, happy and productive life. In order to do this, rehabilitation treatment must empower the individual to take back control of their own life by providing them with the tools they need to cope with the challenges and difficulties they face. In so doing, rehabilitation treatment not only helps the individual break with past drug use, but also establish the firm foundation for a drug-free future.

How Narconon Helped Nola’s Son Josh

Before Josh arrived at Narconon he had no responsibility for his life and the terrible condition that drug abuse and addiction had placed him in. Nola felt that Josh was a stranger to her – not the son she had raised and knew, and in Narconon she sought a way to bring her son back to her. What she got was far more than she had hoped for.

Josh’s Narconon program began with the New Life Detoxification program, wherein he eliminated residual drug toxins from his body. This helped him eliminate the drug cravings that were holding him trapped in his drug abuse and addiction problems, and it helped him to think more clearly and see real life around him. However, this was only the beginning.

As Josh moved forward into the Narconon life skills courses, he learned about communicating effectively with others, spotting and avoiding dangerous personalities around him, how to improve conditions in his life and much, much more. Nola watched as her son began to transform before her very eyes, becoming a more mature and responsible individual. He took back control of his own life, and learned how to cope with the difficulties and challenges that sometimes arise – without the use of drug substances. With the help of the Narconon staff and program, Josh regained the self-confidence and self-respect necessary to lay a firm foundation for a better future.

Now, eight years after Josh graduated from the Narconon program, he is very much a mature, responsible and capable adult. Nola feels that it is nothing short of a miracle, and she is eternally grateful to Narconon for what they have done for her family. She has her son back, and that’s undoubtedly the best thing in life.

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