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Happy CoupleFew people truly understand the power of drug addiction and how it can dictate an individual’s every thought and action in life.  Initially an individual may choose to use drugs in order to suppress a problem in their life.  The euphoric high and feeling of disconnection created by the drug can make the individual feel temporarily happy and relieved.  When they come down off the high and find their problem still intact, they choose to take more drugs to once again disconnect and feel that same sensation of happiness and relief.  As the chemicals in the drugs begin to alter the basic functions and systems of the body, dependence and addiction settle in, the individual no longer seeming to choose the drug so much as require the drug.

Over time, the individual becomes entirely trapped in their addiction.  What once simply numbed the individual’s unwanted physical and emotional sensations becomes something they feel certain that they cannot live without.  In the substance abuser’s mind, life and survival becomes dependent on the acquisition and use of more drugs, and they are willing to do literally anything in order to acquire more drugs.

Most individuals are willing to do just about anything to protect and support their family, because these are the people that one loves unconditionally.  An individual should be able to trust their loved ones, find strength and support in their family, and overcome the problems of life with encouragement and love from their spouse.  Drugs can strain, test and even break this normally unbreakable bond, ruining marriages and ripping families apart.  The individual who is under the power of drug addiction no longer places the good and health of their marriage or family first, but is willing to cheat, steal, lie and deceive even their closest loved ones if it allows them to acquire more drugs.  The world has disappeared around the substance abuser, leaving only self and drugs and casting off all relations with others.

It is true that at some point the substance abusing individual may have made some effort to stop their drug use – promises to self to quit in the morning, decisions to seek help next week, trying rehabilitation treatment programs and so on – but they can often find the grip of addiction to be too strong to successfully fight.  They may begin to think that there is no way out, except perhaps prison or death.  The guilt, shame and embarrassment of their addiction can cause them to further turn away from life around them, shunning the activities, relationships and loved ones they once held near and dear to them.

Restoration of Life and Relationships

Those who fully understand the devastating effects of drugs on relationships and marriage have usually experienced it first hand.  There are a lucky few who have also experienced the full restoration of their life, relationships and marriage, thanks to successful rehabilitation treatment.  D. and her husband are among the lucky few.

D.’s husband had been a hard-core drug user from the time he was ten years old.  Destined by drugs to lead a disappointing and destructive life, he changed his fate by enrolling in and graduating from the Narconon rehabilitation program in 1979.  Since then, he has been entirely sober and a happy, productive member of society.  No one he meets ever suspects that he once lived under the control of drugs, and he and D. have happily celebrated over twenty-five years of marriage.  D. is certain that Narconon saved her husband’s life, allowing her the opportunity of creating a beautiful, lasting, loving marriage with the man of her dreams.

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